I believe wellness activities, whether it be Yoga, aerobics, Pilates, meditation, etc., should be inviting and a place of enjoyment. I know that may seem like a contradiction (exercise and enjoyment), but if you find something you enjoy, and possibly give it a few tries, you may find something you really like to do, and in the process find yourself becoming healthier. My goal is to create a warm and welcoming environment, so if you’re interested in Yoga or any other fitness classes, contact us for your resort, corporate, special events, or active community needs.

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4 Towers Martial Arts- 205 Ambersweet Way, Davenport, FL
Hatha Yoga (All Levels)-Flowing sequences with options and an emphasis on breathing, combined with other exercises to increase strength, improve balance, and overall wellness. 
Times: Tues & Thurs 9:15AM – 10:15AM

1 single class- $10.00
5 class package- $45.00
10 class package- $80.00

A single class purchase must be used within 14 days of purchase.
A five (5) class purchase must be used within 30 days of purchase.
A ten (10) class purchase must be used within 60 days of purchase.
If the class is not used within the above-provided time period, the class will expire.  All sales are final and there are no refunds.  Classes purchased in person must be paid with cash.  If you wish to pay for classes using a card, please email info@YcartFitness.com.  Payment of classes with a card is only allowed for the five (5) class purchase or ten (10) class purchase.
All sales are final and there are no refunds.

*Contact for private online classes.

About me

While my Yoga style varies, I generally teach a flowing style of Yoga that combines balance, strength, flexibility, with a focus on breathing. In addition, the classes are user-friendly, understandable, accessible, and doable by individuals at any fitness level.  My Yoga training was through Yogamatrix Studios and The Lotus Pond Center for Yoga & Health, where I received my 200 Hour Certificate and 300 Hour Certificate, respectively.  I am currently a Registered Yoga Alliance teacher.  I continue to do trainings and workshops, as the learning never stops.

In addition to Yoga, my teaching experience includes Gentle Aqua (similar to Yoga in the water), Aqua Fitness Blast (water aerobics), Les Mills BodyCombat (a high energy mixed-martial arts inspired workout), Les Mills Body Attack (high energy cardio), and Les Mills BodyFlow (a combination of Yoga, Tai-chi, and Pilates). 

I currently teach Yoga at 4 Towers Martial Arts located in Davenport, FL.  I have also taught Yoga and Les Mills classes for a large health care system for several years; and I created fitness programs for guests at resorts at an Orlando based theme park.  Also, I had the great joy of teaching Yoga at the beautiful Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. 

My fitness activities are conducted through my limited liability company, Ycart Fitness, LLC.

Wellness is for everyone, regardless of age. Let me introduce you to Ms. Phyllis, a retired nurse and yoga teacher, who also happens to be my mother.

About Ms. Phyllis

I’m 70+ years old and I believe age is just a number! Over 10 years ago I was told I needed back surgery.  Instead of undergoing the surgery, I began doing Yoga and I believe because of my Yoga practice, I did not need to have the surgery. In 2018 I began my formal training, which I completed,  and I am now a certified Yoga instructor.  My career has ranged over several fields, including nursing.  I actually became a nurse at age 60 because I wanted to help others in need and guess what- age is just a number! 

My daughter and I have very similar Yoga styles.  I want to promote calmness and relaxation, while building strength and improving balance.  Also, I want to make my classes an enjoyable experience.  In addition to teaching classes at 4 Towers Martial Arts, my experience includes teaching at a doctor’s office, in a 55+ community, and I’ve participated in a special event for the employees of a large Orlando based theme park, that included hundreds of attendees.

Besides Yoga, I enjoy gardening and cooking, especially Jamaican goodies.  I am also a CPR instructor.  If you’d like more information, check out https://www.1stclassqualitycpr.com for contact details.

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”– Joyce Meyers


If you wish to contact us regarding our wellness offerings, you may call or email using the contact information provided on this page; however email is the more efficient means of communication.  If you do email, please title it, “Fitness Inquiry” and leave your name, phone number, and a brief message regarding the purpose of the contact.  Thank you! 




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