Why combine law & wellness?

Integrating the law and wellness draws upon my wellness background and legal experience to assist holistically in mind, body, and law to help others create informed decisions leading to more security and stability with respect to property rights, specifically when cohabitating and issues occurring upon death.

  • Are you a trusting person whose housing and financial security are dependent on someone else?
  • Has fear of dealing with the unknown prevented you from planning for your future in a way that protects you and your loved ones?
  • Are you uncertain about your current estate planning status?
  • Wouldn’t you prefer to proactively take action, through planning, calmly and with a clear mind rather than react in stress to events that threaten housing and financial security? 

If any of these apply to you or if you have a concern about any of these issues, use the form below to contact me to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. If my long term boyfriend passes away, will I have rights as a common law spouse?
  • A. Most states do not recognize common law marriages.  Estate planning may be needed to ensure housing and financial security.
  • Q. If I move into my boyfriend’s house and contribute to the household bills, is he able to kick me out if things don’t work out?
  • A. Laws vary by jurisdiction, but legal ownership and possession rights will determine rights to remain in the property.
  • Q. I’m not wealthy, do I need estate planning?
  • A. If there is no planning as to how your assets should be distributed upon death, then the law, and not you, will determine who will receive your assets.  
  • Q. I avoid these issues because they make me nervous and I don’t like thinking about possible breakups or death, how do I get beyond this?
  • A. From my wellness background, I specialize in techniques to calm the mind, manage stress, and increase mental clarity when making legal decisions. 

More Proaction

Less Reaction

“When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead!”- General George S. Patton




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