Factors That May Affect Balance

September 7, 2022- As people age, balance can become more challenging, resulting in falls.  Falls can be very harmful and at times fatal.  Below are some factors that can contribute to increasing balance challenges.

Hearing Loss
– Hearing loss and balance challenges are often connected, so if you’re having problems with your balance, you may benefit from getting your hearing checked.

Medications- Contributing factors to falls are dizziness, muscle weakness, and muscle stiffness.  Coincidentally dizziness, muscle weakness, and muscle stiffness are all possible side effects from drugs that treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  If you’re on these drugs and have noticed an issue with balance since being on these drugs, you may want to speak with your doctor.

Lack of Movement– Ironically when someone suffers from a fall, it may make them anxious to practice balance, and they move less; however, moving less can contribute to muscle weakness, which can contribute to falls.  Try to practice balance on a regular basis, with the aid of a chair or a wall, while others are around.  In addition, practicing balance while in a pool provides another layer of assistance as the fear of falling is less.

If you are experiencing balance challenges, try to determine if any of these factors could possibly be the  cause of the issue.