Emergency Contact Forms

February 10, 2023- Imagine living by yourself and suffering a medical event where you are unconscious or are unable to speak.  Would neighbors or emergency response providers know how to reach your family or friends?  

This very scenario happened very recently in a local senior community and there was no emergency contact form.  The neighbors who provided assistance have no way of knowing how to reach the friends or family of the person who is unconscious, so now there is someone in the hospital and their friends and family have no idea that there is anything wrong or perhaps are trying to reach the individual to no avail. 

While this situation may affect people who are single more than those who are married, married couples tend to travel together and can be in a common accident, so it is important to have an emergency contact form regardless of marital status.  Further, medical events or emergencies can happen at any age so it would be prudent to have an emergency contact list regardless of age.

You of course can choose whichever form you would like to use; however, below is a suggested downloadable emergency contact form that should take a few minutes to complete.  Taking these few minutes to complete the form may save a lot of time and distress later. 

Click here for suggested downloadable contact form.